Halo 4:Customization not loading bug

I installed the Halo: The Master Chief Collection and i was browsing through the customization (specifically on the Halo 4). I spent some time adjusting everything i wanted and selected the female body type. I finish the customization and start the campaign, and the Chief is standard custom.
I already closed the game and opened again, already checked if i actually selected the female body type, already restarted the console… i don’t know what else can i do, uninstall the game, maybe?
If someone can help me, please. It doesn’t need to be a full solution, if I’ll be able to play with a female character is already enough for me… anyways, thanks for the attention!

(Edit: Just realized it’s happening with all campaigns’ customization but Reach… I’m gonna go back to Mass Effect until i manage how i can fix that… if you, reading this right now, think you can help me I’d be really thankful!)

In halo 1-4 campaign you play as Master Chief. Your character customization is for everything outside of campaign. Halo 3: ODST you play as the various members of the team and no clue if your customisation effects your character. And finally Halo: Reach you play as Noble 6, a new addition to Noble team, which is your customized character. Hope this helps! :green_heart: