Halo 4 Customization Ideas

So i was thinking about how 343i had said this will be the biggest customization ever seen in halo. Their adding in so much but there’s one thing that has yet to be added that i would like to see. scratches, dents, tears, bullet holes…etc! Like Master chief in the campaign wouldn’t it be cool to be able to unlock certain blemishes for you’re spartan armor? Like a big cut across the chest plate or a crack in the visor? What do you guys think?

Well for Spec-Ops it indeed would be a cool addition.
But War Room is a Simulation of Spartans Vs Spartans…
So… why would a Simulator give you a Broken/Scratched/Marked Armour?

That wouldn’t be a bad idea, I’d love to see a little more detail like that. It’d be great if you unlocked a little more of these details each time you rank up, to give your spartan a little more age.