Halo 4 custom lobbies for youtube

These are all the same time differences in a few countries, this is when we will be hosting the custom games on Friday Saturday and Sunday, depending on your time* if you want to join figure out your time compared to mine (new Zealand) around 11am if you can join around these times, feel free to message me before, or at the time, to join in the lobby, will be recording for youtube, and uploading when edited Our youtubes: - ThatUndeadLegacy remember send me a message early because your Thursday is a Friday for me and your Saturday is a Sunday, if you have a mic and your interested in joining, message my gamertag –Undead on Fire

-Must have a mic
-Would help if you downloaded forge map

Will be thanked on the video

Thanks for reading

any questions?

Check out our last one-

I’d totally be interested in doing this. I have a headset as well.
My gamertag is TrentMoDD.
I’ve been really wanting to be a part of a channel that tests out new maps!
Send me a message for more info.

sure thing, il add you btw, if any of your friends want to come too that would be great!

Count me in as well, lookin’ for folks to play customs with. GT: Kyle Isaac

sure thing sent you a Friends request

Alright, I’ll bite. I’ll be gone from Monday to Wednesday, but if I’m ever online, send a message and I’ll play. Might as well get back into Halo while I can.

I would love to join your games that would be the awesomest thing that happend to me on Xbox live.

My Xbox live gamer tag is KSI MJHALO

hosting another one this weekend guys il give you link

Don’t forget to message me on xbox , if you don’t i wont invite you

updated video :smiley: if anyone is still interested in joining send me a message

This sounds interesting. I might be interested send me a friend request (Buckeye Breeze) Btw I am looking to make a Halo youtube team so if anyone is interested message me on youtube.

hmu anytime love to play some custom games