Halo 4 Custom games Social Group 200 PLAYERS

If anyone wants to play custom maps as a group so we dont have to invite a million people and yet no one comes…
Please put your gamertag their for others and me to invite you to custom games/ your custom games :slight_smile:

[Over 150+ Gamertags ^_^]
Gamertag has been changed and alot of issues are going down so if you’d like to join just send me a Request:MrPandaLord

I will also join any Custom game at any time :slight_smile:

You can invite me.
GT: xXBarthXx

I got a map that is similar to Blood Gulch I want to try out and a Classic Slayer gametype I made to go with it

GT:Zenan M1
Invite me pretty much whenever I’m on Halo 4, I’ll join as soon as I can.

I don’t have too many good maps/gametypes yet though. I think I just have the Minotaur gametype, but not the Minotaur Maze map for it.


been trying to put together some extraction games or some games on the unused maps

feel free to send me a friend request

GT: Clown Coll

i love playing customs, specially infection, but if I am on, just send a invite :smiley:



DANNYBOY3600 send me a friend request That’s all I do is custom games cause I’m capped out at level 70

GT: FortunateSiren
Feel free to send an invite to me if i’m on. And if I’m playing with friends, I could try to get them to come too!


I’d love to play some custom games, don’t have many friends playing Halo 4

I’d love to hop in some custom games right about now :slight_smile:

GT is Votarahk

Add me too! I’ve been working on many maps that I want to test. One of them is LEFT 4 DEAD which is only fun when there are 6 or more people.

GT: CopyBookGangsta

Tweak is LuckE… Invite me

GT is “Segnity”, feel free to add/invite me for custom games

GT- “UGC 12613”

Feel free to invite when I am on

x0xSCORPIONx0 I’ll be on tomorrow.


gonna try to put together some customs a little later today.

i sent out some friend requests so i’ll send out some messages when i set things up.

feel free to add me if you haven’t

I’m down for customs. Add jswag559 or godofwar559. anytime

BURGLiFE727 I like infection game types so invite me if you play em

Sorry double post, new to waypoint and stuff :[