Halo 4 Custom Games Problems

Halo 4’s customs games is very dissapointing.
Here are some reasons (and please no cussing in this forum)

First off the flood.
You cannot change their weapons or change anything about their weapons at all basically.
I find this a huge flaw in Halo 4, I know alot of my friends are very unhappy and we want answers. It is ruining classics like Cops and Robbers, Trash Compacter Duck Hunt Jenga etc etc.
Lack of V.I.P mode. I’m farely sure it wasn’t in reach either but I find this dissapointing. My main problem is that on Halo 3, me and my friends used to play Protect Obama. Now it’s not as big as the Floods flaws but it is something i Would like added.
Lack of race, Assault (though you can tweak Grifball) Territories (Dominion is basically a different variant of it) Arrgh This is frustrating!

Not to mention, what you do in campaign can’t be viewed in theater so there are no glitch guides or easter eggs in peoples file shares.

Because of these problems it makes custom games unenjoyable but not unplayable.

Please fix these problems. Halo 4 is the only recent halo game that has Spartans that actually look like Spartans.

I will do a poll. Answer-Yes if you want these problems fixed and answer-No if you would rather things stay the same.