Halo: 4 Custom game Night! Lets have Fun!

Hello, I’ve been a member of the Halo community since Halo: 2! I’ve noticed in the recent titles since the release of Halo: Reach that custom games has been at a decline! I find it very hard to start a Custom game lobby with everyone (even my friends) lack of wanting to play fun games, and just rank up in Matchmaking. Ever since the start of the New Year I’ve been trying to set up custom game lobbys for custom games nights, and My Goal is to make every Fridays or Saturdays a Custom game night!

About Me:
The Reason why I got an Xbox was too communicate and have fun with people all over world! Since Halo: 2 I’ve made a strong effort to keep my Hard drive filled with maps to make a wonderful experience in all Halo Games with a mix of my own maps.

Participating Hosts for Open Lobby’s
Gamer tag List:
Afternoon Tea 1 (DLC not needed)

6:30 P.M. CST 2/1/2013 (Open)
If anyone wants to play custom game night today, send my gamertag a message and I’ll send you an invite if my lobby has an open slot! I have many maps prepared I will try to carry on this lobby till 11:30 P.M. CST 2/1/2013! My goal is too get a maxed lobby today! I’ll be waiting!