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Hello everyone, im going to try and make this posy as brief as possible.

Im aware we all have different opinions on what we believe is the best halo or what direction halo should take for the future, but put those differences aside just for one second. If you can’t, theres plenty of other topics to complain on.Personally, one aspect of halo that really won me over was the wide variety of custom games that could be created. With custom games, forge had a purpose other than messing around. I remember checking the bungie favorites every week trying to find the next best map I’m going to play like crazy. It was fairly easy to find a custom game back then. I remember there was a Halo custom game gamertag that you could add with people only playing custom games. It was great, I met a lot of halo fans with this and always had a custom game. However, with the release of Halo Reach this custom games list started dying out. Maybe people weren’t fond of reach, maybe the people on the list were just sick of halo, i don’t know. Personally, since there were less and less custom games to be found, I had less of a reason to forge. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the forge feature, but the maps I designed are intended for custom games and I feel without anyone to make your maps playable, there considerably less of a point in making them.

What I do know is, I want the custom game community to be stronger again. Unless Halo 4 has some system when it integrates a way for us to matchmake our own custom games, the custom game community won’t get stronger by itself. Whether we make a new custom game gamer tag or maybe even a section in the forum for custom games, something needs to change. We need to change it.
I would love it if 343 could create a matchmaking playlist for only people who wanted to play custom games that one person can host and just select custom games to play. Depending on the Halo 4 ranking system, this playlist would disable points or credits to rank up and it would be solely for entertainment. It would have some flaws but its just an idea.

You may completely disagree with me and thats fine, this is just how I feel and I just want to see Halo 4 be the best it can be. Tell me what you guys think on what happened to the custom game community, how it can be better, and anything else you would like to say.

Thank you guys for your time and your opinions.

I feel the exact same way! I feel that I had way more fun with custom games in h3 but there are some really good ones in reach too. a way that the matchmaking system could work is that you rate how well the host did on a scale of 1-10 so there will be hosts that know what people like. other people should get second chances too though because they might pick a game that they made or just like and nobody else likes it.

I would like to see a community playlist for Halo 4 with the best community gametypes and maps. An easy way to do this would be to add the gametypes and maps that are praised on forgehub like the Left4Dead gametype and maps.
This community playlist would give custom games more attention and maybe become as big as it was during the Halo 2/3 days.

I had the time of my life playing custom games with friends in Halo 3.
Reach?..not so much…

Maybe they can have a server list through the Xbox waypoint app

Im glad to see that everyone so far feels the same way as I do. Whatever the solution is, it either needs to be an in game solution or something on waypoint, whether it be a separate section or something on the forums anything that works at this point will make me happy. Depending on how Halo 4 goes, I may just make the gamer tag and post in the Halo 4 section to get the word out there. Thankfully, we still have what, another 7 months until Halo 4 comes out? I know theres a lot on this forum, but maybe 343 is way ahead of us and already has something in mind. One can hope.