Halo 4 Cryptum Video Code?

so i just found all the terminals in the campaign and i just finished watching all the videos, and at the end of the last one you get a code, but the code doesnt work, i took a picture of the the pieces and they dont seem to match up so i dont know, does anyone know what to do?

I too would like to know the right combination for this as I’ve just found all the terminals as well.

if you find out let me know and i will do the same if i find out

The Cryptum video code is only a partial… noone (yet) knows the rest of the code. As to what it unlocks, since it mentions “Cryptum” video in the Section 3 part of Here, my bets on either more armor or a load of XP.

At the end when the code is given, did anyone else notice anything different to the previous codes? There is almost Jigsaw puzzle pieces aroudn the actual letters…
It looks like Character 5 and 3 fit together perfectly… so maybe its just jumbled… with some still missing.

Edit: BOOM! http://halo.wikibruce.com/Halo_4_Forerunner_Sequences

I too unlocked all the terminals and watched got to see the 5 symbols at the end of the last terminal video called Cryptum. I typed in the code, but like you guys it didn’t work. Tribal, how do you know that there are more pieces left? Perhaps we just have to type in the pieces in a different order?

Neokmc, the 10 symbol code in the link u sent out does not work for me.

Try again, because it worked for me. It unlocks 5000 exp and some game art. Now it says “unlocked 1 out of 2” for me though.

the code consists of 10 symbols. i have tried this code and it works. you get raider shoulders and 500 xp. i figured this out by the puzzle pieces behind the symbols. the first symbol is just 3 lines stacked, located (5,6) next is (4,5) looking like a weird three.the next is (6,4) looking like a sideways V. next is (7,4) then (1,1) then (5,4) then (3,3) then (5,5) then (3,4) and lastly (6,2). i hope this helped you all with your armor parts.

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