Halo 4 create a party ?

I’m trying to figure out how play with a team of players that I add as FRIENDS. I’m guessing they have to be FRIENDS. What is the process ? Do I start a game then invite FRIENDS, invite FRIENDS then start the game or CREATE A PARTY ? What am I missing, where is the HELP button ?

I got it, wasn’t that hard to figure out…

Only took you three months, huh? Lol. A Party is more like a chatroom. You use ‘Invite to Game’ to group up with players in what used to be called a ‘Party’ back in halo 2/3. Your group of friends will stay with you through menus so you can switch between Co-op, spartan ops, matchmaking or forge without losing your team. Alternativly you can ‘Join Session in Progress’ to join someone elses group and stick with them.