halo 4 covenant?

why do the grunts, jackles, and elites look so different i would like it better if they looked like they did in reach i mean the jackle looks more like a dinosaur now why is this?

Because 343i is making them more sinister looking.

It’s 343i’s own art style. Personally, I think they look much more menacing and alien-like, so I’m alright with the changes. (The jackals still look a little strange, though.)

I’m glad. I can’t stand Reach Covies. I was first alarmed when I heard about the General returning (thank God they look better now).

Reach Elites: horrible armor color, horrible crutches, they only use armor lock AA (Evade, Jetpack, and Active camo do not count; that’s normal programming for Elites), never use cover unless you take out a sniper rifle. They have deliberate flaws (Hologram, berserking) since they’re OP

Reach Grunts: random methane tank explosions, Ultra Grunts require 2 headshots (2-3 on Legendary and Mythic), skin looks worse than Halo 3 Grunts, Grunt Birthday Party doesn’t even effect them (just graphical effect), they often blow themselves up. The fuel rod Grunts at the top of the Spire somehow know where I am all the time

Reach Jackals: cheaters, horrible little cheaters who barely display any emotion not to mention shooting them in the arm always results in the same animation (also in Halo 3). Oh and they have major awareness fail. I’ve landed in front of several of them only to find them ignoring me. And the red shield is such an insult. Orange is and always has been more appropriate.

I’d much rather not be reminded of the horrible AI associated with them.

There are different characteristics in any given species. Humanity has a lot of variation and it’s less than a lot of other species (think dogs, frogs, etc.) These covenant in Halo 4 are a specific faction, and family or race probably play into which covies joined the Storm.