Halo 4 Covenant (Must Read)

I just watched the “Hero-Fortitude” video that recently came out and it said something along the lines of “Human forces put an end to the Covenant’s rampage one final time.”
I hope that this means that the Covenant won’t be in Halo 4 because I enjoyed fighting them. Hopefully it could turn out like “Return of the Jedi” where the Rebel Alliance thought they defeated the Empire but there were still Imperial Remnants that were scattered across the galaxy and would still put up a fight. (This was in the books, not the movie)
What do you guys think?

you fight an anchiant enemy, not the covenant

> you fight an anchiant enemy, not the covenant

Yeah well that “ancient enemy” would be the forerunners and the flood. I just want them to include some Covenant remnants for the fans that like the Covenant. Because what happened to the Jiralhanae, San 'Shyuum and all the other Covenant species that want to eliminate the human race?? Surely, that wasn’t the last of them. They hate the humans, and would want vengeance after the last battle with the humans at the Ark.

> you fight an anchiant enemy, not the covenant

you don’t know plus the covenant are ancient

> > you fight an anchiant enemy, not the covenant
> you don’t know plus the covenant are ancient

I do know because it says that on the halo 4 discription page on this site.

and the covenant are not anchiant compared to other things like the flood and forunners

I hope the Covenant take a back-seat for Halo 4. We’ve fought them for six games now. Give us a break from them, at least for a game.

I think the story should revolve around this new enemy, but what a lot of people have been wanting for years now have been flashback missions from Chief’s past. This is where there should be Covenant. Yes, there are still Covenant scattered around the universe, but at the end of Halo 3 that is what the Elites were off to go do which was wipe out the last of the remaining Covenant. If you’ve seen the short story “The Return” on Waypoint you’ll get a little hint at what I’m saying.

343 says no purple.

Actually they said they were trying to have no purple in Halo 4. Never said it would be out all together. There is still hope for Covie flashback missions from the likes of the novels as well previous games.

I dont want the Covenent in there.Atleast the Forrunners because we havnt really seen them (only in Halo Legends)