Halo 4 Controls ruin Crouching...

I’m aware these controls aren’t final, so I hope to make it apparent to 343i that this isn’t the direction they should be going. The main reason these controls are bad is because of the negligence of the Crouch ability

Crouching and Crouch Jumping are very important parts of Halo gameplay. Being able to navigate around the map, dodge headshots, Ghandi hop (repeatedly crouch while in air to make harder to headshot), and drop off radar detection are very common feats performed by playersnd. Moving it from its current location on the Left Thumbstick will make these facets of gameplay diminish.

Map design will suffer seeing as how tactical jumps with crouch will play less of an effect. More people will be running around with Camo since they wont be able to drop off the radar by crouching (or Prom Vision will just ruin it anyway). Ghandi Hopping saw a decline in Reach so it’s not as important as it used to be, but it shouldn’t be ignored. Players wont be able to duck under headshots in the middle of a duel to best their opponent. And then there’s T-bagging, but it’s very minor comparably and I imagine it’ll diminish as well.

The reason Crouch on the B button works on CoD is because it’s toggle crouch and you don’t really need it unless you’re sitting still or ducking under fire for a second, which requires little movement. However, toggle crouching in Halo hinders the user because you’d be required to unpress it before combat, which could lead to you pressing it again accidentally once you get shot (think zooming back in after getting pinged out of scope).

Therefore, if it is possible I propose that the Default Halo 4 controls be amended to the following layout:

RT - Shoot
RB - Melee
LT - Throw Grenade
LB - Sprint
LS - Move/Crouch
RS - Strafe/Zoom
A - Jump
B - AA
X - Action/Reload
Y - Switch Weapons
D-Pad Up - Switch between Frag and Plasma
D-Pad Left/Right/Down - Ordnance
Back - Scoreboard
Start - Loadouts and Settings

This is similar to Reach’s controls albeit with the addition of the D-Pad usage. One of the glaring problems with the current Halo 4 Default scheme is that you cannot change grenades while you’ve earned an ordnance drop and you cannot crouch jump while simultaneously moving and strafing. This suggestion is just for Default. Feel free to share your suggestions for the other schemes like Bumper Jumper

A change like this needs to happen. It doesn’t matter how the game plays if the controls are wonky and unnatural. I doubt we’ll be seeing custom control mapping so changing up the Default at the very least is what we need to advocate.


Switch the grenade button and AA button on Bumper Jumper too.

> Switch the grenade button and AA button on Bumper Jumper too.

This and I support the idea presented in the original post.

It’s important that Halo 4 maintain the small, yet important quirks of Halo’s past and present them in ways which are comfortable to the users (both competitive and casual).

Furthermore, Bumper Jumper has always been a means of being able to hit all frequently used buttons on the controller without having to remove your thumbs from the joystick. I feel it’s important that this function remain intact and having to force a user to not be able to aim and throw a grenade simultaneously could be problematic.

You’re right Goat.

There is no logical reason in putting crouch on ‘B’. It just makes it harder to use and makes the controls less intuitive.

Bad decision all 'round.

> Switch the grenade button and AA button on Bumper Jumper too.

This too.

Yet another illogical decision.

Essentially forcing everyone who uses Bumper Jumper to “Claw” to be properly effective.

Crouch jumping and Gandhi hopping have become essential parts of the Halo series. I would hate to have them added (because of the control schemes) to the ever growing pile of things that old fans are seeing thrown away.

Honestly, changing grenades are not vital in Halo, no where as vital as AAs or crouching at least, hence it can be passed to a secondary button like B, unlike crouch.
Got to agree with you, the control options we’ve seen so far has been anything but satisfying…

Solution- Use recon.

My understanding is the controls are NOT finalized yet and are still being tweaked, as per the latest bulletin.

> Solution- Use recon.

I thought that too, until I realized Sprint was on the A button.

i’m an advocate of putting grenade throw on one of the bumpers ( i lean towards the left bumper) and placing sprint on the left trigger and the armor ability on the right bumper. Keep all other buttons default halo CE

it’s such a logical format for a lot of people and i know from experience from ShadowRun that’s how a lot of people configured their buttons.

> My understanding is the controls are NOT finalized yet and are still being tweaked, as per the latest bulletin.

While this may be true, it’s still best to voice dissatisfaction now and let 343 know that the current schemes still need to be tweaked. The controls are an important part of the game as they’re what the user will be interacting with 99% of the time… That is until Halo 5… better with Kinect… ugh…

> My understanding is the controls are NOT finalized yet and are still being tweaked, as per the latest bulletin.

This, not to mention the emphasis that 343i’s stated there will be dozens of different layouts available, if not the ability to completely customize your control scheme.

It’s all subject to change.

I think that they should put both crouching and sprinting on the left stick, the reason is because I noticed while playing that you can’t crouch while walking at full speed, that is when you push the left stick fully in any direction, but you can still crouch while walking slowly when you are not pushing the stick fully in any direction.

My idea is that if you click the left stick while walking forwards at full speed, you will sprint, and if you click it in while standing still or walking slowly, you will crouch.

They aren’t similar to classic Halo’s but this is a new game after all, and there are a lot of new things we can do. Default is something I’ll be able to get used to.

It doesn’t matter if they aren’t finalized, they need to see the community’s reaction. (which I doubt they use anyways). Goat is spot on on a number of things, and he’s right on this. If the controls aren’t right, perks, loadouts, etc. won’t matter.

> My understanding is the controls are NOT finalized yet and are still being tweaked, as per the latest bulletin.

Which is why this thread was made.

Might be a good idea just to allow players to map their own button configurations.

> Switch the grenade button and AA button on Bumper Jumper too.

Switch AA w/ sprint on Recon as well. I think we’ll all be using sprint a lot more often than AA anyway.

grenades used to be the second most used (maybe tied with zoom but that’s on another button) element in both Halo 1-3. That’s why it was a good idea to be placed on the left trigger.

Now, with sprint and a deemphasis on grenades it won’t be the second most used behind firing. it makes perfect sense to place sprint on the left trigger and grenades on one of the bumpers (preferably the left so you don’t have to take your finger off the left trigger)

i don’t understand why Bungie, and now 343i can’t manage to grasp the simple concept of slightly changing a control scheme instead of insanely switching things around.