Halo 4 Control Scheme


This control scheme incorporates the controls from Halo 3, Halo: Reach, and the Call of Duty series to make what I consider the best solution for control in Halo 4.


New Layout

Also, this does not have to be default, I just didn’t edit the photo to change the name. For now let’s call this the “Jazz Hands” control setup. :slight_smile:


These controls were designed so that the 5 most used actions (firing weapon, throwing grenade, armor ability, jumping, and sprinting) can all be utilized while simultaneously using both joysticks to move and look around with the Spartan IV.

Please give me feedback and discuss the controls below. Thanks :slight_smile:

For example, the only time I see this control scheme being a problem is when the player wants to both jetpack and fire a weapon at the same time. In this one case, there is a solution. The player and use their index finger to jetpack while using the middle finger to fire. Not the most ideal way to fight, but every controls scheme so far has some drawback and I see this one as fairly minor. =)

NO, not as default, I am one of the many who DON’T want to bumper jump

Looks like nice controls but i use bumper jumper and i dont think ive seen any controls for bumper jumper.