I have a great idea for Halo 4, THE HALO 4 COMMUNITY CONTEST.

I have also posted thing forum on the halo 4 forum but since it is a community contest idea I might as well put it here.

There are 4 categories


  1. The competitive category
    This one you make a map with Halo Reach forge, you send it to 343. If your map wins then 343 will turn it into a Halo 4 map, they will change the texture of the map, make all the structures the winner forged unforgable in halo 4 and put it in a new location, not forge world. It will be a real map for halo 4, a competitive map for 4-8 .

  2. The BTB category
    This will be the same as the competitive catagory but the map has to be big, a 8-16 player map.

3.The fire fight category
Same as the last 2 categories but a fire fight map, this map you cant really test but you can put red spawn points to represent where the players spawn, blue for the odst’s and green for the enemies.

One final thing for the map categories, since minecraft is coming to xbox, you can use the creative mode to make the maps, I know every part is square but hills far away look round, you can put waterfalls and lakes and you can make you’re own terrain. For spawn points you can use red, blue and green coloured blocks, There are more posibilities with minecraft.

    You know how firefight has its own spot on the main menu, well this one you send an idea to 343, if you win your idea will be on the main menu of halo 4. It has to be a very unique gametype like forge and firefight, eg sabre team battle. (using halo reach sabers in a 8 vs 8 team slayer, or less)

That is a contest worth crafting, planning or forging for. Share your thoughts PLEASE.