Halo 4 Console Cracked

Did anybody else open their Limited Edition Halo 4 console only to be crushed when they saw a crack at one of the dots inside of the circles? It looks like a design flaw to me, after all the packaging does not appear to be damaged.

Do you think GameStop can replace it, even though they appear to be out of stock?

I have the same crack, i think it might be park of the desgin :confused:

I got mine from Amazon. They shipped me a replacement and it had a crack as well.

Just a side note. I contacted Xbox support and the guy told me to go back to Amazon and tell them they needed to send me one that doesn’t have a defect instead of hacing Xbox fix it. This issue is clearly not limited to Amazon and I know I am not the only one!

Yeah the one I got from best buy had the same crack on the dot. Box was all crushed up. Took it the next day to best buy and got it replaced with a pristine one. But hey I got 2 FOTUS armors out of it :wink: put one of those babies on eBay