Halo 4 Console Amazon Pre-Order?

I’m About to pre-order the Console Bundle from Amazon and Noticed it doesnt give the same “Want to receive this the day it comes out?” message like the limited and normal edtions do, and sure enough at the Checkout it only gives me the usual stuff, like First Class (up to 2 business days) and Expedited (1 business day(s))

I’m just wondering, if i select Expedited, will i get it on the 6th like the day one delivery does or will it come on the 7th or something?

I chose one day shipping on my LE and it says it’ll arrive on november sixth.

Well yeah, but i’m talking about the Console Bundle.

Has anyone ever ordered with Expedited? how fast is it really, I dont have College on Tuesdays and it would suck if it arrived the next day >_>

wait a little bit,because I talked to the seller and he is going to offer release date deliver,but not now.