halo 4 complete UNSC weapon armory!!!


So, what do you guys think?

First in the video, we hear the turret, which does sound good in a way, but i honestle prefer the old turret sound, but it doesn’t worry me, as im sure ill get use to it.

Secondly we hear the assualt rifle, which in my opinion is the best sounding gun in the game. I really like it compared to the rest, and im glad the rifle design is back to the good o’l halo 3 style!

Thirdly, we see the magnum, and i really do like the design of it, however, the gun sounds really pathetic in my opinion, and does need a bigger bang, and not such a squingy sound to it.

Then, we hear the battle rifle. I really like the new design, as it looks like a new and solid weapon. The sound has changed in a sort of good way from the halo 3’s version, but i do prefer the halo 3’s noise overall.

Then we hear the DMR, which 343 has changed the sound from previous halo 4 videos, as it now has a more deeper bang.

After, we hear the rocketlauncher. It looks to be very strong, and i like the sound and looks of it, however, i hope it has those halo anniversary reloading sound effects, how it made that barrel rolling techno sound when re loaded.

Then we see the shotgun,It looks fantastic, and im aware many people wont agree. The old sound has gone, and it sounds like a real shotgun. The halo reach shotgun had a “badoom” sound, and this one has just a “boom” sound. It has changed, but i dont think its a failure.

Then we see the sniper rifle. I do prefer the halo reach looks, and the halo anniversary sound. Hopefully 343 will change this.

Then, the sticky detonator was shown, i like the sound, and i cant wait to stick it onto a friend, and make them my -Yoink!-, and they must do as i say, or ill detonate it haha.

Then we see the new and ultimate tommy 20 Saw! It looks great, and sounds alright as well. Im glad this was added, as the assualt rifle shouldnt be the only assualt rifle. I believe this has replaced the smg, and would be a great light secondary weapon. Hopefully…

Then we hear the spartan lazer. I love the charge up noise, and the lazer noise, as i will feel proud holding one, and i dread that poor banshee in the sky.

Then finally we hear the all new railgun. I love its charge up noise (very similar to spartan lazer) and the explosion sounds sort of similar to an ordinance drop bang. I strongly envy whoever is holding one, and i will be really jealous.

Ok ill shut up now, but all are great besides the magnum and sniper. They both need a re-vamp.

What do you think? Oppinion?

i dont really like the sound of the sound of the Rockets and the shotgun.

they all sound good

Tommy 20??

you are comparing a futuristic Light machine gun to Foam dart gun?

The AR should never get voted for here. I think it sounds so amazing no-one can have the opinion that it sounds poorly. :stuck_out_tongue: That option should be changed to just the SAW.

I would say the rockets sound bad.

> I would say the rockets sound bad.

I agree to disagree, but everyone has there own opinion and i respect yours!

I think they all sound AMAZING!!! i didnt vote because of that! today was the first time i saw the saw and railgun in action!!!


While I appreciate your opinions and the list of weapons for those to see that may not of seen the bulletin or such just yet, I feel like this is a bit limited and forces us to look at the words, look and sound bad? I believe every weapon is the closest its ever been to its real life counterparts yet still has that futuristic aesthetic appearance that halo is known for, the SAW simply looks fantastic and so does the Rail Gun and there sound is perfect. The Sniper Rifle literally has the sound of its real life counterpart, you can hear the bullet pierce the sound barrier creating a somewhat sonic boom effect and the sound of the gases and pressure releasing as the bullet is ejected, if that isnt pretty amazing attention to detail then im not sure if your paying attention, watching the same videos I have, it sounds so much better. This also goes for the Magnum, the Magnum has a very piercing sound to it as bullets are ejected and it expresses the Magnums new function as a deadly secondary weapon quite well and its a sound your opponent will learn to fear. I dont feel the H2, H3, Reach or H4 Magnum function as a sort of Colt or Desert Eagle even, its more of a combination of both weapons while not being over exaggerated or dominating, and thus alot of its nature has evolved as well throughout the series. It can however be quite a efficient weapon even against the more powerful primary weapons such as the DMR due to its accuracy and deadly speed, and I believe the sound is quite fitting for such a weapon.

Alot of Halo 4s sound effects for weapons and explosions were done with both help and input from the U.S. military, and its evident after hearing the quality and attention to detail the sound of the weapons have now. The Rocket Launcher is possibly my favorite and it honestly sounds like its traveling at light speed toward targets, and it reminds me of how the scream of a banshee is described, its quite bone chilling and unmistakable when unleashed. The Assault Rifle sounds pretty amazing and its sound fits much better than it ever did in previous titles, this is a weapon that is capable of shredding its targets to pieces and im happy to say it now sounds like it can do just that.

I do have a question however, why have you not added the option of none sound bad or something like I think there fine? It would give members the feeling that your interested in knowing everyones opinion, and not just trying to show that something needs to be changed for your own benefit when someone else feels everything is just fine. It makes this topic in general a bit one sided, and thats not that wonderful.