Halo 4 Competitions

Just a thought, but looking around these forums, I see alot of people throwing out ideas on how to improve the mechanics in matchmaking. However, nobody seems to want to improve the current experience that we have.

This goes for 343 as well. There seems to be alot of threads asking for feedback, but where’s the involvement. Ok, there’s competitions for art work and forge maps and stuff like that, but, what about community competitions actually playing the game.

343 has, whether they like it or not, a competitive community, so they could please them a little by getting a team together, whether its moderators, volunteers or whoever, to run a few 4v4 comps, ffa comps, objective, btb, anything to quench the competitive taste buds.

I know there is other websites that do this, but this is meant to be the home of Halo, why not here as well.

If waypoint has a place to go for tournaments, point me there, cause I’m lost.