Halo 4 Community's Top 10 Clans

Published on Aug 28th, 2014

Top Ten Most Popular Halo 4

Clans are organized groups of players that band together for various reasons. Some battle other focused clans in an all-out Clan War and/or Clan Battle and do it to show which clan is superior. Other clans consist of members who share a common interest, such as Machinima production or Forging. These clans voted on by the Halo 4 Community are just that and have shown to be the highest in Skill, Reputation and have become to be the most Respected Clans in Halo 4. The following clans have proven this and have earned their worldwide rankings on Halo 4:

:trident:Rank #1⃣ Halo 4 Clan - Instinct
Leader - Unknown

:beginner:Rank #2⃣ Halo 4 Clan - Wolves of War (WoW)
Leader - WoW Blackwolf

:beginner:Rank #3⃣ Halo 4 Clan - The Immortal Legends (IL)
Leader - IL Gilgamesh

:beginner:Rank #4⃣ Halo 4 Clan - Legacy Nation (LN)
Leader - LN Burks

:beginner:Rank #5⃣ Halo 4 Clan - The Metal Uprising (TMU)
Leader - Bamlett53

:beginner:Rank #6⃣ Halo 4 Clan - Shadows of The Forsaken (SOTF)
Leader - Ace of Flush

:beginner:Rank #7⃣ Halo 4 Clan - Joker Nation (JN)
Leader - Unknown/Various

:beginner:Rank #8⃣ Halo 4 Clan - Die Hard Gaming (DHG)
Leader - DHG Bartender/DHG Got Batman 7

:beginner:Rank #9⃣ Halo 4 Clan - Murdin Evolution Army (MEA)
Leader - MEA Punisher

:beginner:Rank #:keycap_ten: Halo 4 Clan - Knowledge, Strength & Integrity (KSI)
Leader - KSI SE7EN 7

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Well that was certainly interesting (learned something new). I noticed you are the leader of Immortal Legends. I’m not in a clan, but I have a well known team called Lethal Hammers. We are good at pretty much every gametype, but specifically Grifball. Point being, my team should be on that list somewhere, lol.

proof that this is a fake top ten halo 4 clan list faked by IL Gilgamesh and his Immortal Legends check it out for your self see what you think

> 2533274843105670;3:
> proof that this is a fake top ten halo 4 clan list faked by IL Gilgamesh and his Immortal Legends check it out for your self see what you think

Lol how funny. I’d love to embarrass him… No offense to the OP, but he wouldn’t go any less than -20 playing me.

This top ten list is some -Yoink- lol. Hardly any of these clans are even around anymore let alone any good, Like really ive beat KSI,DHG,MEA. It was easily as hell also. Also these aren’t even clans they are mostly communitys -Yoink-.

I bet my team has made every one of those clans listed back out. Plus I’ve never heard of the IL clan. Ever.

Maybe I’m just out of the loop but none of these clans look vaguely familiar.
And who’s keeping track of these things? Anyone can boast about being the best but I doubt you can really pin point the best of the best clan.
Unless… there was a tournament of some sort along those lines.

Not saying the JFCA for #1. this list is inaccurate.

@Ry Guy282 I was in the JFCA but you constantly want the new people to be at training and work like the new people are trash.

#1 clan and the leader is unknown? Doesn’t make sense. If there is one clan I ran into a lot since Halo 2 it’s DoG (Disciples of Gaming). Always a good game when coming across those group of guys and gals.

Hello. I need to join a clan. I am 30, use a turtle beach and play everyday! Let me know. Gamertag for xbox 360… RBG BOBA FETT

You forgot the L Ninjas

KSI tried to recruit me

> 2533275076416589;8:
> Not saying the JFCA for #1. this list is inaccurate.

JFCA was -Yoink- and you knew it. it was taken down by one person and its leaders treated members like they were rubish.

I hate clans. It’s 2018 people. Why do we care about clans from 2014.