Halo 4 Community problems thread.

Welcome to the official Halo 4 Community problems thread.

Hello, here is the place to talk about any concerns and problems that you have in Halo 4.
We as a community need to be noticed. And at the moment there is just little flame threads here and there expressing people’s anger at the problems related to Halo 4, but it’s the wrong way to go about it. We all need to come together and discuss these problems by producing constructive criticism or even by just expressing our feelings within this thread.

Now, it worked with Mass Effect 3, the community grabbed the Developers attention and made them take action and add to the ending. Now we know they never changed the ending but that’s exactly my point. 343 Industries is more than likely not going to change things but they will fix and add things to please us. We just have to show them we mean business

Now by having one thread where we all discuss these problems is going to keep it at the top of the Halo 4 forum page and therefore be grabbing their attention all the time. (That’s the goal).

I don’t know about you but I as a fan and part of the community want to be LISTENED to.

Post away people, the harder we try the better, have hope. You may say this will not work but people there’s no harm in trying and if you want something done it should be done properly and you should fight for it.

Let’s make them listen.

Thank you