Halo 4 comic con/What do you look forward to?

I’m sure there are post just like this but a lot more info has been released at comic con if you were there or watched it on youtube. I’m looking forward to it for SO many reasons.

First, I’m a huge fan of customization and having the looks! In the conference they told us that there is more customization is Halo 4 than in Reach. Also there is a ton of armor! They compared the leveling system to that of an RPG and judging by the way 343 said it seemed like you would be unlocking most if not all the armor and load-out stuff in the game from leveling up either from war games or spartan ops.

If you buy the limited edition of Halo 4, you will get early access to specializations. I’m not sure how that works because for any player to get to that point, they must reach the max level in Halo 4. I assume there is 50 levels max maybe less or the specialization doesn’t seem worth it. However, I could be and most likely am wrong.

One thing that stuck out to me the most that 343 showed at comic con was the Assassination kills for Oddball and CTF. The kills themselves look stunning however, that is NOT what caught my attention. I noticed in CTF that while holding the flag you can carry a one handed weapon in the right hand while carrying and be able to hit with the left. My thought was that you can still HIT with the flag and shot to defend yourself but you cannot drop the flag to pull out you’re primary. Sounds dumb but they did take a lot of the original game modes and switched them up for balance.

In oddball, the player originally carrying the ball, PASSED the ball to another player who HADOUKEND another player. Again, the assassination was sweet, but the pass and even design of the ball was what caught my attention. In previous Halo games you could pass but it was a bit difficult because it was more of a physics drop and would have to angle just right. My thought on this was since the ball looked similar to a grenade, it can be tossed like a grenade as well. I personally never found interest in oddball, but if there is a passing feature, it seems like an entirely different game mode and adds so much more strategy, placement, and teamwork involved.

Last but not least 343 went into customization a little bit throughout the whole event and it seems that gun camo is in the game, although they never said if it went on guns you picked up spawned in the map, or if it was just on your load-out primary. There are two perk slots in the load-out such as armor mod and power. The way 343 talked about them made it seem as if it were just something for personal taste rather then a drastic game changing element.

The whole conference was awesome and I cannot wait to get my hands on this game! Please tell me what you look forward to and your ideas about the game or if you picked up something that I forgot or missed.