halo 4 co-op campaign with me

looking for a few people to do do campaign on legendary I would like as many people as I can get tell your friends to come. oh and I don’t have a xbox microphone so it would be hard to talk

I’m down…message me on xbl

I’m down. Add me up. Doesn’t matter if we don’t start from the beginning. Would be nice to get that Legendary Visor.

I’m online right now if you guys wanna add me i have a mic my gamertag is TheSWOOPER feel free to add me

Can some people kindly add me so we can complete Legendary together thanks

Maltese Chris Xbox GT

Im always up for this :smiley:
xDemoNz HD

Add me up :stuck_out_tongue:

i will join you , i already have another person with me.

Add me - iam in

I’m game.

I’ve been looking for someone to play co-op campaign on legendary as well. If you guys are still game, add me please. gt is PATR0CLUS :slight_smile:

Im down ill add some of you guys