Halo 4 clans Import into the game★

Hello this is LIGITsilverwasp , I have been a fan of the game sinse reach and I would love to have clans that arent fake be imported into the game and have a match type where 2 clans get set together and have to battle! ALL I want is for clans to be imported in the game , thx!

yeah they did that back in the h2 days it was neat and very fun… We prob wont see it in h4 but when h5 comes out we will see the return of the clans in game csr and it will be the old school ranking system we all love and the game will play very smooth due to the dedicated servers that h5 will be runnin on cant wait for what us halo fans are in store for

Old school ranking?

As in Halo 3? Sweet, that was by far better than Reach and Halo 4s.

It might be fun. But perhaps for halo 5?

A stricter party matching system may accomplish basically the same thing in Halo 4. Unfortunately I don’t think 343 is going to put that much work into a game that is barely hanging on.

But that would be awesome for Halo 5 and Waypoint should have a clan section as well.

This would be epic. I remember the Halo 2 clan matchmaking playlist and the excitement the team and I had before every match. Would love to see that again.

In terms of Halo 4 it is a zero percent chance (the game is essentially dead population wise), but for Halo 5 it would be an awesome feature. As you started playing during Reach you probably will have missed the Halo 2 clan system that was much loved. I would love a system like that to be brought back in.