Halo 4 Clan support?

Sorry wrong forum changed the question. Whill Halo 4 have any clan supoort?

> Hey my names Matt, I have expernce with a few clans here and there and thought its about time to put all the best things from all those experinces and clans and put them into one. If your good with website design, video editing, and/or just love playing Halo feel free to PM me. I’m open to any ideas you’d wana put forth but I got a few things of my own. First, the clan will have a youtube channel. I got a HD capture card to record & promote game nights. Also you have to be atleast 15 if you wana run this with me and got some time on your hands so you can really crack down and get this up and running.

Matt, would you kindly read the forum rules first as these topics belong in the Recruiting forum, not the Halo 4 one.

I think this belongs more in the recruiting section, but a cool idea. Based on what your describing this sounds more like a team than a clan.

Is it gonna be a clan were we have to change our Gamertag and make our colors and emblems the same, if so Im not down.

It’s only semi confirmed… no ones too sure, but I think it probably will exist.