Halo 4 Clan recruitment Promethean clan

For anyone wishing to join a well organized an well run clan please message me Hadoct Adivinox on xbox live we use a promethean ranking sturcture which will be shown below. This ranking structure is set up like a sangheili or elite clans ranking structure with 3 distinct branches with their own unique purposes. we also have other branches however you must be selected to be apart of them. Are clan although it does have role play elements for anyone who likes that sort of thing does also come together and play matchmaking as well as do game nights. We are a competitive clan in terms of skilled members. For those seeking a sangheili type clan in halo 4 stop searching and send me a message.

requirements to join HWDR
This clans policy when it come to judging who can join is based totally on if you disrupt other members enjoyment of playing
halo 4 with other people. For instance if your voice is incredible irritating sorry your not joining. If you act like an -Yoink!- to your teammates or anyone in the clan well not joking about it your out. generally anyone can join but if you become a major nuisance you are likely to get kicked out. We do it this way because every one no matter there situation weather it be not having a mic or not being very old it’s fine as long as your not annoying because every one should have an opportunity to play with other people.

Code of Conduct
Are clan is very much up for any clan battle or raid however if we do not have sufficient members online we will decline till a latter date unfortunately we don’t have quite enough members yet to say for certain 8 people will always be on. We do not like wins/losses being recorded unless it is one v ones because that is your own personal achievement however it’s the individual that losses or wins not the clan so one v ones are not counted as clan victories or defeats. We will not battle you competitively unless are starting lineup is present and if any members are missing it will be not be counted as a legitimate test of who has a better BTB or 4v4 team i will post at a latter date are BTB and 4v4 starting line ups if those names are not all present it does not count as an official clan match. that being said we do this so that are other members can have an opportunity to fight in clan battles with out the presser of letting down are clans name sake because there not as good as are best members. in raids any and all mods or active trait zones instantly means it’s not a competitive raid that can be counted as a win or loss for any side and is regarded as a costume game for fun. We are comfortable participating in a competitive raid only if both clan leaders agree on raid rules before the start of a match and those rules are upheld the hole time.

Why do we play video games? to have fun. Why do we make clans? to have an even better time having fun.
that being said anything done in a stupid manner like using a totally unfair raid map that you would hate to have someone else use against you is 1. dumb because it gets repetitive 2. your basically saying it’s ok to use a map like this agents people, lowering how much fun every one is going to have in a back and forth raid confrontation between clans which end up just being the defending team always wins because you put on a stupid map and said this is a competitive map. 3. no one ends up being satisfied with how things turn out generally.

stupid decisions based on selfishness just end up -Yoink!- everyone off and are not helping anyones clan because no one is really enjoying themselves that simple sentence is a good driving force for knowing if your in the right. try asking your self these four thing before making a entire clan decision that affects a lot of people A) am i causing problems with this decision. B) am i going to have more fun or less fun when i do this C) are my comrades going to have fun. D) will the people I’m against attempt to cause me grief if i do this.

I respect you, you respect me
I want people to respect each other in this clan and how it works is if i show you respect i want it in return if you do not show me or anyone respect in return then i will continue you to be kind and respectful all the way until your kicked out of this clan by showing people respect even when they do something wrong you don’t jeopardize your innocents by giving the person an accuse for acting that way they did.

Thats how you know some fairly well oriented people are running this clan

again please message me Hadoct Adivinox if you would like to join

thank you for reading hope to see you on the battlefield and have a good day.

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For those of you wondering where the ranking structure is, it is currently being reviewed and revised to be a more streamlined ranking structure that is easy to understand and can better uphold are clans needs. I will post it in a couple of days

Hey Hadoct, good luck with your clan. Whilst your setting it up why don’t you register with The Nexus? It’s a clan community hub. Whilst you might not be interested in our Stat tracking feature we have plenty of others that you can benefit from. It’ll provide you with a great platform with which to meet other clans and has a fair default rule system clans can play by. You’ll also be able to take part in Nexus events and even host your own on the site.

Why don’t you give it a look over at www.halonexus.com

If you have any questions or need any help please feel free to ask me.