Halo 4 Clan looking for staff members!

Hello Halo Waypoint!

I’m looking for some new staff members to help build and operate my clan! I’m looking for staff members who have forum experience, UBBC Coding experience and lastly a history with Halo. I’m looking for people who are dedicated and willing to put time into something.

If your interested, please send me a message here or on XBL (Pwnisher James).

That is all, thank you.

Forum is built, just need some staff members! If you think you are up to it please message me ASAP!

Anyone can join, please if anyone is interested please send me a PM!

Still looking for Forum Moderators and Clan Staff! If you are interested in being part of Team Insidious, please send me a message here or on XBL. (GT: Pwnisher James)