Halo 4 -Clan Creation & Clanmatches

i kinda liked it creating your own clan in halo 2 and recruiting some people and do some clanmatches

They should make it return in halo 4

What do you think about it

Full support on this! maybe we could get some competitive games again.

randoms screaming that the other team is lag switchin is getting awful old everytime we go blackscreen.

I fully support this as well. Someone should make a thread about Halo 2’s multiplayer interface and how much better it was than halo 3’s and halo reach’s. It was so easy to join a custom game and play with tons of people, nowadays you cant get a custom game going its too difficult. You could just pull up all your halo 2 buddies and join their games instantly, not to mention the ranking system was so much better…