Halo 4 cinematic multiplayer

343i is claiming that there will be a narrative in multiplayer which sounds intriguing but what I think would be great to see is instead of the classic 3 second countdown looking at the map in the beginning that they instead take a fresh approach. It seems to me that all video games these days including halo you just appear on the map ready to go. That is fine for re-spawns but I would love to see a cinematic introduction to levels. For example you and your team come in for a landing in a pelican as you are picking load-outs and waiting for the match to begin. or you arrive in ODST pods. All the while a pilot counting you down to landing or a dashboard in the drop pod counting down to match start. I feel that 343 could do amazing little things like that that really improve the gameplay. Just a few little tweaks really make a difference.

Would be nice, but too much work and probably wont happen.

Cool at first then it would get old seeing the same cut scenes all the time.

It would still be better than what is current plus you can look around and see your team mates pre match also you could have game-types like infection where your pelican crashed and now you have to hold out. I think having those cinematics almost like those of silent cartographer where you can look but not shoot or in winter contingency would be great and would help you capture the grand scale of everything halo.

God no. Numerous games have that for their multiplayer game modes and it just gets repetitive and boring. As soon as the map’s loaded the game should just start, no delays, like in Halo 1, 2, and 3. I’m not here to look around or look at my team mates, nor am I here looking for a story, I’m here to play a match.

It would be as the match is begining and you are chosing your loadouts it is time that would otherwise be spent doing nothing but looking at a single spot on the battlefield anyway. Plus it isn’t like it happens all the way through the match, just in the begining it is a better use of free time.

No,they Said Cinematic Campign,the MP will probably have like a terminal or something.it’s not like at the end of the match everyone becomes one team and fight’s the covenant…would be pretty sweet though

I feel like it would also be great if they have the covenant in multiplayer then you could fly in in phantoms