Halo 4 cheaters

<mark>Do not call out individuals.</mark>

I have noticed cheating is happening more offer on halo 4, there appears also to be more lagging devises being used, and a mod that makes the banshe impossible to destroy, a particular player called <mark>REDACTED</mark> is using both lagging and the banshe mod making the game unplayable for beginners and seasoned players alike

Hello there.

To start, you may want to remove the said individual’s name from your post as calling out other players is against the Waypoint Forum Rules. Secondly, you can report the said player by using Xbox’s Report feature and report the player for Tampering -> Cheating and then submit a negative player review, Unsporting Conduct being the reason to lower the odds of coming across said player again.

If you feel that isn’t enough, you can record the match in theater, put the file into your fileshare and send a message to B is for Bravo on Twitter or here on Waypoint and ask him to have the video reviewed.

Hope this helps and have a nice day now.