Halo 4 Chapions Bundle DLC

something is very wrong, when i go to play any of the maps from the bundle on custom games or war games it wont load and it will tell me i dont have the dlc content the same thing happened with forge island if anyone has a soulution please please help because i really wanna play the maps

Your not the only one. Try deleting it, clearing your cache then re-install it. It worked for some people. It didn’t work for me. I know one guy is having to delete all of his Halo 4 and re-install everything. He hasn’t said if it worked yet, but said it looked promising. I may end up doing that and hope it works. I heard one guy said it’s linked to his GT. If that’s the case, it’s 343’s mess to clean up and there is nothing we can do. Granted it’s still 343 mess, but at least we can try to fix it.

we need an official answer about this problem, or probably “bug”, in mexico also we have this problem.

thanks Gr3en L4n73Rn i might try doing the delete and reinstall

man this sucks… There are a lot of things to try and I have tried most except deleting everying thing because i think its stupid to have to lose so much for two maps when we already paid for it.

good luck to everyone… i hope we get this fixed