Halo 4: Changes Thus Far

In Memory of Simple Halo

With the majority of the Halo 4 forum section outraged by the sudden arrival of CoD style gameplay in Halo 4 and some unwelcome changes to the sandbox (AAs).

You, A HALO fan, must ask one question:

“Will This Be The End?”

Knowing all too well that Halo 4 is a start to a brand new trilogy, it is almost certain for many of these changes will be brought back in the further installments.

Was Halo 3 the end of a simpler time? Or have we all been bamboozled by the erruption of new ‘leaked’ content.

Only time will tell, and when that time comes when we have to look back to see what used to be, then maybe 343 will understand that Halo was the last bastion, the only hope in world filled to the teeth with CoD style games.

Halo=Halo CoD=CoD, NOT Halo=CoD