Halo 4 change spoken language

Why is halo 4 not multilingual??

In past Halo games, you only had to change language in your consoles system settings to change the spoken language in the game.
In H4 this won’t work, because there’s only one audio track on the H4-disc.
That sucks for people that didn’t buy an english version of the game.

We also want to listen to the -Yoink!- voice of Jeff Steitzer in Halo 4s multiplayer.

Please 343, make the english audio track downloadable!

Multiplayer is just not the same without: “double kill!”, “triple kill” etc.

I agree with you, hopefully they will release it soon.

i know right and it is not only the audio it’s also the names of the weapons, what do i do without assault rifles and snipers.


Totally agree. I am 100% against translated languages on my games, and having halo 4 in spanish is just embarassing. Not only are the callouts unacccurate, but sound lame and piss me off knowing either i got the game translated or didnt get it at all. They should not translate the game. I embrace english as my 2nd language and enjoy practicing it by gaming. If a customer really wants the product,hes gonna buy it weather its native language or translation. Besides, here in Mx theres this need for everybody to try to tackle english in order to get job opportunities. Even with a lame english you might come to understand the game. Im just very upset to have my game in a translated language. Heck, even the audio quality and feeling it gives changes. Besides, its cheaper for 343 to just ship the game in native language. My frustration to being forced to buy it with lame audio comes from the producers ignorance. they just spend more time and money in giving us something we do not want.

I COMPLETELY AGREE. I ordered the game from america, but until then got the German version. I wanna wait to play the campaign for when the English one comes in so until then I only had the multiplayer to tide me over, but now the servers are down. I gotta avoid the internet now, so i don’t get caught in spoilers.

+1 PLEASE do this

343, don’t force us to start complaining about this issue on Twitter!!

It’s really annoying to watch all the making of videos that show this great voice acting and then pop in the disk to find that Halo has been transformed into a badly dubbed version of itself. I felt like I was playing “Halo Kung Fu Theater”.


Guys there is much larger topic about the very same issue:

Join us :slight_smile:

+1 to this, stupid translations

I’m gonna +1 this thread as well. The more attention to this issue, the better.

Don’t forget this one though!

My Italian version has the same issues reported for the Spanish one.
So-so acting and terrible synching.

Please give use the chance to download an English Voicepack.

I agree) Lets make 2 big topics! three! four! million!

Untill they understand what they did with true fans of the game in non english speaking countries!

Posting hear as well. I want english voice overs! In any other Halo Game or Microsoft Game i am able to change the voice over to english through the console settings. I thought this will be possible in Halo 4 as well. But it isnt! So I want english voice overs for my game. I am not able to play the singleplayer nor i am able to get a refund for my opened LE. Its a total shame. 343 i want a response asap.

changing location and language for the xbox, clearing cache and rebooting didnt working for the spanish versions, also reinstalled discs after changing the settings…

Good luck with that one, I wrote to Bungie several times since Halo 2 about this, they never cared, same with Microsoft US and local, no replies, they don’t care. Let’s hope 343 does care, on the mean time it’s better to order online, pay import taxes and get the US version, might end up being a bit more expensive, but you don’t have to go through all the hassle and put up with MS’s indiference.

At least this time they sent some english versions this way, but I’m done purchasing games locally. I’d rather wait a couple more days than have to go through all that.

Does anybody know if the limited edition has this problem as well? i bought mine in Mexico but have not picked it up yet the box from what i saw online is in english hopefully i wont get the disappointment.

My LE is from mexico, yea they wouldnt sell the english version …

+1 Please 343, release the english audio!

343 it can’t be that hard to fix the game for us.