Halo 4 - Challenge: No Abilities/Perk (27-10)

Halo 4 - War Games Challenges | No Abilities & No Perks (27-10)

War Games Challenges is a Halo focused live multiplayer series. Each game has a set Challenge/Objective to attempt whilst trying to win the match with a positive K/D. Alternatively I’ll attempt your recommended challenges with your set rules. Watch me attempt the best and worse challenges thought of!

The challenge for this video is to use No Armor Abilities & No Tactical or Support Packages on my class!

Nice man, you need to get closer to your mic (but turn the gain/sensitivity down on it so it doesn’t peak) so you can reduce the sound of your spacious room aha, but good video none the less! Inspiring to fire my channel back up.

Nice…those -yoinking- boltshotters…