Halo 4 Castle Map Pack Achievements

Anyone down to play some halo 4, and try to get these achievements. Not looking for boosters, just other people that have the maps, since getting to play on them naturally is damn near impossible.

iv been looking for a while do if You want to do them sens a message GT:ROBBIECURTIS1

Hi there,

I have all the DLC map packs and actively looking for people owning them in order to perfect Halo 4.

I already succeeded in gathering few people with all the DLC and few controllers. I’m sure we can easily set up a multiplayer map with 10 peoples and by chance 16!

Add me on the xbox live : Lidenlaw

See you soon :wink:

Hi all, I too am looking for people to play the DLC’s Message me. I just need the majestic playlist. It is my understanding that the patch for the bug where the achievements weren’t unlocking makes all the DLC unlock at once as soon as you get on that map. At least that’s what happened on castle and Crimson for me.


I thought you couldn’t get the achievement’s in custom games?

You cannot. We would have to find each other and play. I believe the intent here is to use this forum as a platform to group up and play on DLC maps via a group of people with similar playing intent in order to sway the map voting towards the DLC.

I’m trying to get all the achievements. I don’t have the DLC yet…but I’ll buy it next month.
I just wanna finish with the ones I can before the DLC.

Is anyone working on this too? Please add me KALAMBRES1
Let’s make our life easier! :wink:

I bought’em… And still have not played a single match in any of them.
WTF Matchmaking!!!
Is there a way to fix it? I want those damn achievements!

If any one wants to team up add me

In late 2014, they gave everyone all the achievements if they had the DLC. I think they won’t do it again…
Look at the dates. Crazy.

Good luck trying to get some of these. I couldn’t unlock them when the map pack first came out and they didn’t unlock for me when 343 distributed the achievements to everyone toward the end of 2014. I don’t fire up the 360 often these days but I’m always happy to help people chase halo gamerscore. =)