Halo 4 capped at lvl 80

I recieved and email at level 50 and have had no problems with specializations up to level 80. As soon as i hit 80, it no longer lets me pick specilizations and no longer gain xp. I played for 3 hours on it last night and nothing changes besides my k/d. When i got to change my specialization, it says that they are “Complete” (only the original 4 specilizations are shown). These are the things i’ve tried with no prevail: Delete all halo updates and game from harddrive and re download, delete profile and redownload, re-enter validation code that i received at level 50 (it said the code was already active) and cleared system chache. Any word on this happening before or how the heck to fix it?

The Same thing happened to me just now. Would really appreciate the solution

I know that happened to me when i hit SR-69 it would let me choose another class then once i put in the code it worked but IMO it sucks for the people who say get this game for christmas and cant get past SR-70 because they didnt play within the first 20 days/hrs (cant rem which it is) when halo 4 came out…

The same has happened to us. I believe it’s an error related to the recent update, as I and others are unable to access the extra specializations despite having submitted the Ifinity Actual Kit code, and/or the Specializations Priority Alpha code.