halo 4 can't wait to play the campaign!

i really wants to know what for mysteries are in the campaign
or what the new enemies looks like and yess i know that the covenant will retun;)
seriously i can’t wait for it, hopefully you guys can’t wait to?

Can’t wate to play campaign and find who we are fighting.

It’s release cannot come soon enough!

I wanna play it now. ;_;

Indeed. A whole new campaign on another planet. All new enemies to kill. quite exciting.

Really interested in the new enemy.

I’m really fearful that our enemies are going to be Forerunners. Other than that, I look forward to the campaign.

Ya. I cant wait either. I love halo storyline. First thing im doing when i get the game is installing it to my xbox so when i play the campaign id dont have to wait very long for the levels t load.