Halo 4 can I play it before November 6?


Just bought Halo 4 from a local video game store and I was wondering can I play it before November 6?


Refer to this post so we don’t have two of the same topic.


YES as long as it’s not pirated. You won’t get banned; Hundreds already are playing. In fact, you’re extra lucky getting it early!

Ignore anyone who says no; They have no idea what they’re saying. Even Frankie said yes. If they challenge you, you have your receipt as defense.

Yes you can. Frankie confirmed that if you have proof of purchase you can play.

Microsoft may still ban you, but you can get yourself unbanned with your proof of purchase. Plus, Microsoft is allowing people to upload their Halo 4 videos now, so it’s not likely they’ll ban anyone at all.

Yes you can