Halo 4 Campaign - What we know so far.

Here is a link to a nice summary of recent information on Halo 4, that will maybe clear up some of your inquiries that nobody has answered. Linky.

Great find, thanks.

Going off of what was said about the Cryptum being the Didact who is friendly, I thought that was probable because Cortana said “We know where he’s going”, not it. This could show earlier contact with whatever it turns out to be.

Also, Cortana said the Infinity would land 77 kilometers away. That’s not exactly quick walking distance, so I would assume that they probably cut some gameplay and/or cutscene out in the interest of time or making us think the Cryptum, whoever it turns out to be, is hostile.

Exactly, I really genuinely cannot wait for this game to ship, it’s already got my brain jogging.