Halo 4: Campaign vs Multiplayer

Which are you really most excited for? The long-awaited continuation of Master Chief’s story or the next iteration of Multiplayer which will supposedly have seriously evolved?

A new enemy, setting, and an overall re-introduction of the Halo universe(Things have changed while Master Chief has been asleep)in Campaign sounds much more appealing to me than multiplayer IMO.


It has to be campaign for me. In all honesty, I don’t see 343i making any dramatic changes to MM until the next xbox. A new story arc is what interests me most currently.

I’m not sure, it depends how the multiplayer turns out. If it is as bad as we’re all making it out to be with the armour enhancements, and such, then I’ll be looking forward to the Campaign more.

Halo has always been campaign first and then multiplayer for me. The reason I fell in love with halo in the first place was its epic campaign.

Excited for both, but more for the campaign.

I know I am probably going to be hated for saying this, but I never really liked Halo’s multiplayer. Honestly all I do is Campagn, firefight and forge, so I am most excited for campagn. The reason I like Halo so much it it’s campagns never get boreing.

I love both aspects of the Halo games, but I am excited for Halo 4’s campaign.

60% Campaign
40% everything else

(btw 1,000th post!)

> 60% Campaign
> 40% everything else
> (btw 1,000th post!)


I’m most excited for the Campaign for reasons entirely based around the fiction. I’m a big Halo fan on all fronts; gameplay, art, music, films but especially the fiction and story. WIth Halo 4 taking an entirely new path through the Universe with Masterchief and Cortana I simply can’t wait to play it out and experience the story for myself.

Saying that, I know that however amazing Campaign is, Multiplayer Matchmaking will always, always total my hours played because it’s multiplayer, like any game.

Can I say it all? XD

> > 60% Campaign
> > 40% everything else
> >
> >
> > (btw 1,000th post!)

Thank you, kind sir.


Because of the plot, graphics, and music.

Oh man, this is a hard one… So much stuff to love in both, but I’ll go with Campaign since you’re introduced to so many new things.

I am actually stunned by the voting results. I would have thought MP was the big thing with Halo. So much for no one caring about campaign. Sigh at the reviews for Halo games.