Halo 4 Campaign save bug / issue

Okay, so I’ve been playing through the game on Legendary, because I want my Mark VI armor. I made it to the last room on Forerunner, where you awaken the Didact, but had to stop playing. I saved and exited and waited until I was on the menu screen before I turned it off. When I turned my Xbox back on and tried to load my game, I was at Rally point Alpha, at the beginning of the level.

Not wanting to re-do several hours of work, I just moved on to the next level. I made it to to the part where you’re about to enter the caves (Chief, just hold them off until I can get the door open) and again, had to stop playing. Saved my game, exited, when I tried to resume my game? Rally point Alpha, beginning of the level.

I am using my save from a USB drive, not a HDD, but that shouldn’t matter. I’m really frustrated with this save bug. When I save my game it should , you know, SAVE MY GAME.

Anyone else have this issue?

I had the same problem. I saved the game right before the end of the level because I had to run. Loaded my save game and it started the level over… Pretty pathetic. Anyways, that was the last time I attempted to save and quit. I just busted through and finished out the campaign for the Armor like you, I’ll never go back in and try to play it. So to answer your question, yes there is an obvious problem with saving and loading campaign progress.

Your USB drive doesn’t have enough memory to save it. This has happened to me when I was using a 2 GB one.

Otherwise, I’m not sure.

Are you resuming from the main menu or in the campaign lobby? You might have to give the level some time to load.