Halo 4 campaign progress and loadouts gone


I’ve completed the campaign on Legendary, found all terminals, and played a lot online. However, when I installed the recent update, all of my campaign progress reset to nothing, and my loadouts keep resetting every time I play the game (including the stance etc.) Also weirdly, all of the terminals I found have locked again on Waypoint, yet it shows my original campaign progress etc?

Is there any way this can be fixed? It’s pretty tiresome having to create entire loadouts every time I play the game.


I’ve had sorta the same problem. After the recent console update, all of my load out were reset and my entire campaign progress was lost. On waypoint it shows that I’ve completed Halo 4 campaign Legendary on co-op completely, and the first 3 missions on solo legendary. Unfortunately I can’t start where I left off and I don’t really want to have to go through those missions again. It was a pain the first time and I’d rather not experience that again lmao.

I have the same problem. Campaign progress is gone and my loadouts are only half there (this time). My main and secondary weapons are there as well as the loadout names but my grenades/upgrades have to be repurchased. My stance has a mind of it’s own.

I paid for dlc armor that doesn’t even fit my spartan, armor and skins I couldn’t use in Spartan ops if I wanted to (of course that info wasn’t put out there in a responsible manner so most of us had no idea and feel ripped-off), other dlc maps I never get to play on, my armors/loadouts/stances/service tag/audio & controller settings randomly resets (that was fun to find out after I had already started a game), the file browser is completely broken, and then I find my campaign progress is gone. To top it off we are pretty much left in the dark, wondering when/if these problems will be corrected. Usually I don’t get too angry with little hiccups in a game but this isn’t just a little hiccup. This is absolute BULL!

Has there been any fix for this yet? I just went on and the same thing is still happening to me.

On top of that, whilst my rank is SR59, for some reason on the matchmaking screen, it shows a level 1 with basic armour etc.

All these technical issues are actually really putting me off the game. (Never thought I’d say that about Halo.)

Is this just a bug? I’ve heard that the servers have gone down but I’m not sure. All of what you guys said also has happened to me. My armor was fine, I had it all with no stars. But my loadouts all had to be fixed. and when I went to play on one of the Playlists, my Playercard showed my Spartan in default armor and when I highlighted it, it wouldn’t show my Service Tag. /:

Yeah that sounds like the same issue. Have you checked your campaign progress as well?

This is really frustrating me now seeing as it’s been over a week and it keeps happening…

Feel free to send me a message if you all are up for some Reach. My campaign progress being lost really made me remember how much I love that game.

My loadouts and armor had reset on the day I bought the Champion’s Bundle, but I set them back up and it hasn’t happened again since.

My Campaign progress is completely gone though and hasn’t returned. Is this going to be fixed, or am I just having to beat the Campaign over again?

The loss of Campaign progress as well as loadout and armor selections (loadout and armor unlocks remain unlocked) is a known save file bug that affects Halo: Reach and Halo 4. However, while I’ve heard of it happening to people at random, this is the first time I’ve ever seen anyone say that it happens to them every Halo session.

Deleting and recovering your profile may give you a small chance of recovering your progress if done as soon as you notice the data loss. The goal is to retrieve an old (pre-data-loss) backup of your profile from Xbox LIVE’s servers. I should note that the last time I’ve heard of this working was several months ago.

Aside from that, there is no way to recover the lost data. Only data about you stored on your hard drive should be affected – things on the servers, or things like user-created content, should be safe. You should be able to re-select your armor and loadout options, and re-unlock the Campaign missions by playing through them on Easy. Progress toward Legendary Campaign completion rewards (Mark VI armor and Legendary visor) is server-based, so you won’t have to replay those.