Halo 4 Campaign Like Halo 2?

Why can’t we split it into two parts again, with the Arbiter clearing up all the mess on the ground while the Chief goes on his epic journey. Seriously being able to fight Covenant as Arbiter would be a great thing for me and if 343 add this in the campaign will be more variable.

Agreed. But Arbiter should eventually meet with John one way or the other, I want everyone to be fighting this new threat. Forerunner maybe?

What he said.

That would be sick Im not gonna lie. I would love to see it happen.

I wish we got to fight Rebels once or twice.

Definitely. I’ve missed having grunts as allies!

To be honest I would rather see just the one story following John as he battles through who knows what. It would be interesting to have a flashback level where we play as another character, possibly a character that John meets during a mission. For example John meets a Forerunner that comes out of statis. The Forerunner speaks of a war he fought in many years ago against the Flood and then you play a flashback mission where you play as a Forerunner fighting against the Flood. Thats just an example of course though, I’m sure 343 could come up with a much better idea.

You see I didnt like the Halo 2 campaign where the whole campaign was split in two. I would have liked it more if the Arbitor was fighting against humanity and so on but the whole campaign just seemed to be lackluster to me. It felt too short and incomplete to me and I would prefer to play a more complete and longer campaign following one character, with the above idea of a flashback mission as a way to play as a different character and giving the player another perspective on the history of the Halo universe.

I personally think that the Arbiter deserves his own, short ODST length game. But I also would love a split campaign in Halo 4, maybe with a Forerunner (or something else living on the Legendary planet?) Someone that has almost no impact on the Chief until they meet in 5 or 6.

What would we do as the Arbiter? Go back home, press X to hug family. I don’t see a point.

I hope not. 2 had my least favorite campaign.

A Halo 2 type campaign would be great for Halo 4. Have the two characters meet up somewhere in the middle of the Campaign, and have the Arbiter fight along side you.

no i would rather just play as master cheif

I like this idea. However, I would prefer that the campaign was split in perfect two. Not like [Chief-Arbiter-Chief-Arbiter], but two campaigns and throughout each campaign you can cross paths with the first campaign or something done on the first campaign affects something in the second or vise-versa. What do you guys think?

The Arbiter finishes off all remaining covenant forces (just mainly brutes) and then battle against heretics (halo 2) and maybe finally destroy them, while John battles against the unknown enemy. Then the UNSC discover John is alive because Cortana did something in John’s campaign to give off they’re position and the UNSC and The Elites come to the rescue.

2 was my favorite campaign. But I would rather see the same formula as the 1st trilogy: 1-Chief, 2-Chief/Arbiter, 3-Chief/Arbiter.

But honestly, I just want the Arbiter back, he’s my favorite character in the games besides the Chief.

That would be a great idea!