Halo 4 Campaign is it to short?

Now over the years the halo series campaigns get shorter and shorter which is really sad cause its my favourite part of the game. I understand that its all about multiplayer but getting 8 missions for halo 4 and one of the missions being a intro just doesn’t cut it. Also yes i know we have spartan ops but tell you the truth its not as good playing continous missions.

Leave your comments on what you think and remember this is my personal opinion

It seemed as long as any of the others to me.

I thought the missions were very fun to play and I hated CE’s walking through the blizzard for hours levels. But that’s just my opinion.

I remember when I was like 6 playing Halo CE and it took me forever. Now it took me one sitting to beat Halo 4 XD.

> I thought the missions were very fun to play and I hated CE’s walking through the blizzard for hours levels. But that’s just my opinion.

“The Library”=repetetive, unending, flood fest XD

It took me a whole day to get through the campaign on Heroic, so I thought it was pretty decently lengthed. (+5 points for making up that word…)

Definitely not as long as Halo 2 though! (You gotta give Bungie respect for pulling that off; that had to be a dev’s worst nightmare)

The only short level I can think of is Reclaimer. Even without the skips, much of the combat is small scale. The new sniper alley is probably the only punishing section of the game.

There’s also Dawn, since it’s artificially lengthened by the QTEs, slow opening doors, scripted events, etc.

Shutdown is unbelievably short if you skip the first two towers.

And Midnight isn’t too punishing.

But Requiem, Composer, Forerunner, and Infinity are some of the toughest levels I’ve played.

It took me 10hrs and 18mins on solo legendary. I only really had trouble with the part on Infinity where you had to defend the hill.

So, no, its length was perfect for an FPS.

Didn’t find it short at all. I do tend to take my time when playing though.

Yeah I found the campaign to be disappointingly short, I enjoyed the story but when 343i talked about it having the mystery and exploration seen in CE I was ecstatic and disappointed to see that wasn’t really the case.

However I did enjoy the campaign, I’m just sick and tired of these short single player campaigns in todays games.

> It seemed as long as any of the others to me.

This game took me 5.5 hours to finish on Normal. I’m currently playing through on legendary and its taking about an hour or 1:15 per level, but this game definitely was the shortest that I can remember. The story was ok, but I feel like there was a lot more background that could have been explained.

For example, Captain Del Rio obviously didn’t like or respect Chief but we were never really told a good reason why. It just kinda happened and we had to accept it.I think a lot more could’ve gone into the story. I don’t even feel like it was much of a cliffhanger ending because they only explained the story to half of what it should’ve been.

I wouldn’t say it’s too short, but it FEELS short since you go all over the place (ESPECIALLY the last few levels).

I thought it felt pretty short the first time I played through it on normal. After that, I played through it on Legendary… Didn’t feel the same way.

If its short then ce/2/3/reach/odst is also short and disappointing.

They all take about 8 hours.

I felt it was too short, but it was more a matter of pacing than actual length.For example, it took me about as long to finish Spec Ops: The Line (Amazing game, btw), but the Campaign felt like just the right length because that’s all the time they needed to properly tell the story they wanted to tell.

In Halo 4, however, the pacing just seemed off to me. They jumped from one plot point to another too quickly, failing to fully flesh out any of them, or the new characters they introduced, such as Lasky, Palmer, Del Rio, the Librarian, and the Didact. By trying to cover Cortana’s impending rampancy, the mystery that is Requiem and the Forerunners (as well as the Prometheans) and the Infinity and it’s crew in one average Halo-length campaign, they had to rush through everything to make sure it all fit. I keep being reminded of Spiderman 3 (not that H4 was anywhere near as horrible), where they brought in 3 new villains and thus weren’t able to give any of them sufficient screen-time.

In my opinion, the Halo 4 campaign could have greatly benefited from another 3-4 missions (average length for each) that focused on the Infinity and it’s crew, some background info on the Didact and the Librarian, for those, like me, who haven’t read the Forerunner books, and the Storm covenant who, aside from a brief mention in the first mission, were never discussed again. It would have also given them more time to invest in Cortana’s rampancy which, despite a cutscene and a few in-game mentions, wasn’t really developed all that well, again in my opinion.

Yeah, it is too short. Ever since Halo 3, all the Halo campaigns have been way too short.

Combat Evolved and halo 2 had more missions than halo 3,ODST,Reach and halo 4. I think off memory halo combat evolved had 12 missions.

Halo 4 was short compared to most other Halo games but IMO Halo 4 was the 2nd best in terms of storytelling and pacing. Halo CE will always be something special.

It was way too short I don’t play games for the online multiplayer and its getting really disappointing at how short the games are getting. I loved the first few halo games but they are getting shorter and shorter and I feel ripped off just my opinion

I actually miss the wide open levels from CE. Running around such a huge area made it feel like the planet was more real. The way the campaign levels are down now reminds me of Halo 2, which was way too small and oppressive (on top of having soft/hard killzones in Halo 4 and Reach), especially with how epic it was supposed to be. I feel like I’m constantly walking through a closed hallway now, even when I’m outside. :frowning:

What they could do in the future is create vast, open areas, but then give us the option to sort of ‘fast travel’ by taking an A.I. controlled vehicle straight to the next objective so that people who don’t like walking around can get to the action much quicker. People like me appreciate the size and scale of the environment, so give us the option to travel manually across the huge distances. I’d rather walk or drive my own vehicle around then be forced down a linear level. :slight_smile: