Halo 4 Campaign Idea

As some players know there’s the unofficial “Mythic” difficulty, the difficulty is Legendary with every skull on, and completing the level without dieing. After seeing a Mythic Difficulty guide in Bungie’s Halo Reach forum, I posted a thread talking about an idea that came to me while looking at the guide thread. The idea spawned from the realization that if a player was able to complete the campaign on Mythic, it would only show they finished the campaign on Legendary, so the idea I got was instead of the Legendary symbol under the Max Campaign Difficulty, something that would show that the player completed the game on the Mythic difficulty. Maybe a flaming Elite skull, or Energy Swords instead of the classic blades. Now I know that the Mythic difficulty isn’t an official difficulty. But it would be nice for the players to show they were able to attain this extraordinary feat. In the thread’s posts, someone suggested I create a similar thread on this Forum so it can be a considered addition to Halo 4. Perhaps as an actual difficulty with added achievements, or just a badge on their Service Record. I hope 343 see’s and considers this idea, as it would be nice for the few players able to do this to actually show they managed it. Please post ideas for the possible image (serious ones please).

the best idea i can think of the Legendary logo with all the skull around it .

or else some the same as the legendary logo but with a the mythic skull not elite skull/

Legendary logo + blue eyes and forehead symbol from Mythic map pack logo = perfect

Replacing the Elite skull would be disastrous. Or better yet, replace the Elite skull with Arbiter’s. :smiley:

The picture of the mythic skull with all the other ones around it in a circle. Totally different from the other ones because of the intense difficulty of Mythic difficulty.

Same exact thing for legendary, but with a human skull.