Halo 4 Campaign Glitch

In the Halo 4 Campaign after beating the mission known as Dawn after the Master Chief gets knocked out by debris and the screen says Halo 4 it does the loading screen for mission 3 titled Requiem and after it does that the screen goes black and in the upper left hand corner of the screen it says in little red letters “Untracked Build, Won’t upload”. Now if you restart the game and select the Requiem mission then it’ll load the next mission with no problem none whatsoever but if you choose the Quickstart option when selecting the Halo 4 campaign then it’ll show those words after you beat the Dawn mission and go into Requiem. At first I thought maybe the disc I had was defective but it was the same on my new one when I exchanged it. Now I thought the update would’ve fixed that but apparently it didn’t because I still see the little red words in the upper left hand corner of the screen and it’s a glitch that you guys need to fix. In the previous 3 Halo campaigns I had no problems going from mission to mission but by the time I reach Halo 4 it acts funny style so please fix it.