Halo 4 Campaign Glitch

I found a cool glitch, not gonna say how to get there though.
On the map Requiem I can get outside and on top.


Why aren’t you going to say how you did it? It’s not like it’s against the rules. I got out of the map on Forerunner, didn’t get far though.

I might post a walkthrough once I get my hd pvr set up.

Wish they had Theater in Campaign because there was a glitch on Shutdown where I was invincible, but since there is no theater I cannot see what caused my invincibility.

Damn I know it sucks

Maybe a bump this is a cool glitch

To do the glitch you brake the wings off a banshee and fly it through a hole at the end of the bridge. Its on the left side between the ceiling barrier and some rocks. I saw a full vid on youtube a few days ago. so don’t feel so special. Also on split screen you can fly in the next area. You just fly out and land on top of the room at the end of the bridge. Then respawn by your friend and walk into the next area so the map loads. Then you can jump on his head and jump to the ceiling and glitch through to the banshee. It disappears when it loads the next area though. I figured the split screen part out myself.