Halo 4 Campaign Element Discussion

Halo 4 was pretty good when you first unbox it and start to play, but when all that marketing hype dies down and you start looking objectively at a few elements, some glaring things stand out. First of all, the campaign feels very rushed going in half way. I’ll provide an example, the Didact had just escaped confinement and now for some God-only-knows-reason, goes after the Infinity for who in the world knows. He does so without even stopping to think what would ultimately happen if he rushed a large ship that would be carrying a significant amount of troops and material.
I know he has the Promethean troops on his side and such, but where are the Forerunner vehicles, hovercrafts, tanks, and such? Where are the warplanes, dropships, artillery pieces? You don’t win wars by going in with just mechanical infantry. People could say he had the covies to back him up, but what if they were not there? For a place that I learned is supposed to be the Promethean equivalent of a military headquarters, surly we would have seen Forerunner vehicles of some kind to be used. And that is just the first glaring oversight into basic military thinking. For a Promethean Supreme Commander, that seems just a bit out of touch for me, to be attacking a force like that with reckless abandon without the proper hardware to do so and I mean his OWN hardware, not someone elses that just happen to be conveniently there and that they just HAPPEN to let him use.
The second thing is that why is he attacking the Infinity like he wants to pilot the ship, but then later we see he has his own…WTF? I mean, why in the world would he even be even NEAR the battle of the Infinity if he did not plan to use it? I would just have tried to escape if I knew my ship was right there to begin with.
Third sin comes in where his ship goes into slipspace towards Ivanoff Station with only Covie dropships, DROPSHIPS escorting him. And why is Ivanoff just conveniently for the most part, undefended by any significant military presence? For a place tantamount to humanity’s research, surely it would have been defended by UNSC warships of some strength, but we have no evidence in hand that there was ever any. And WTF is with that scanning nonsense? If he was sending in scans of the building, why did it take so long for him to find the Composer, and more importantly, what do the scans do? I see no reason as to why they should have even been done in the first place.
But, the most glaring and perhaps, draining oversight in terms of military planning and basic sheer stupidity, for someone toted as the great commander who trumped ancient humanity, is why he suddenly decided to say, “Hey, I am now a real badass! I am going to go to the most heavily defended place in human space and attack it head-on with no help!” REALLY?! To think that someone would be so stupid as to go alone with no backup, no support, and no intel on what he is attacking is real stupid on the part of the writers of this decidedly (and I put it nicely) strange game. Hell, even just a dozen or so covie warships escorting him would have been more believable, but I never saw any of that, just a one-alien suicide spree that ended in one of the most spectacular displays of utter gaming and cinematic failure I have ever seen from a game. Really, after all that build-up to get to this crazed lunatic and all we get it a quick-time event to stick a grenade on him and BAM, sad scene and game over?! WTF 343?! I mean, if you could not do a proper boss battle, that is fine, I would have been fine with chief offing the Didact in a slightly more dramatic way in a cutscene, rather than just a one-button press scripted defeat. If a quick-time event was to be used, then take a lesson from other games that do this and make it to where I am struggling with the clown a bit AT LEAST before offing him. This game was a pure disappointment story-wise and gameplay-wise (I’ll post the game mechanics in a separate post.)
In short, the story here just makes no sense from a military perspective. It seems very rushed, with no backstory on key events, the story gets very wishy-washy at times, and ultimately, it stops to make one question as to why such a tragic character with such build up and the background he has, make such poor and rash decisions.