Halo 4 Campaign Bug(?)

Hi all,

I have seen this question asked on some other websites or threads by searching on Google, but I haven’t found the answer to it yet.

I completed the campaign offline on Legendary solo, and additionally some levels on co-op, so the campaign should be Legendary complete solo and Legendary incomplete co-op. But the problem is ytd when I just joined Xbox LIVE and created a new account retaining all my data from my offline account and played Halo 4, Halo Waypoint says that I have not even started on Campaign. (-.-) Which is kind of frustrating since I spent quite a few days on it.

I am hoping that there will be a solution to it, but is there? Of course, other than completing the whole campaign on Legendary again. I already have the achievement for completing the campaign on Legendary attached to my gamertag, but I don’t know why Halo Waypoint doesn’t detect it when I joined Xbox LIVE and therefore I have none of the commendations or whatever stats from my playthrough.

Bottom line: Is there a solution?

Thanks for taking the time to read and ans this if u do :slight_smile:
Help will be much appreciated.

Did you have XBL Silver and just upgrade to Gold, or nothing at all? Because I believe Waypoint tracks your stats “in real time”, meaning anything done offline doesn’t count.

If you want Waypoint to show it, you’ll probably have to re-do the campaign. That’s a bummer.

i think he meant he went from offline to silver/gold (online)

it wouldn’t carry over because they’re technically two completely different things, offline it’s simply got a subheading of “offline player 1” for example however online it’s a 100% specific location of “your gamertag”

although you “upgrade” you account to live you in fact create a brand new one

Ok but why my other stuff such as loadouts and armor emblem stuff all remains?

Hi all erm so I have to replay the whole campaign right? No other way?