Halo 4 Campaign Bug: Level Chunk Didn't Load

My co-op partner and I had just disabled the Covenant ship during the Reclaimer mission and as we turned the bend to progress through the level we discovered the next section didn’t load. It was an abyss that made us fall to our deaths unless we were riding the Mammoth, which was a scripted object and so not affected by gravity. Once the Mammoth reached a stop and we were supposed to complete an objective, we could not offboard without falling to our deaths. Here is a video from the game session: https://account.xbox.com/en-us/gameclip/6ad06dd4-ec8b-4ee3-abc0-a5d86cfb1bc3?gamerTag=the%20new%20easy&scid=77290100-225e-4768-9373-98164430a9f8
Other details of the game session: We began the level with three players. By the time we reached the target painter, one player intentionally disconnected. This player had not been host, and the game continued normally after they left until we reached the section described above. One exception to this may be that the Covenant ship we ‘disabled’ in the section prior to the section described above did not play any sort of destroyed or exit animation, after the objective ticker told us to evacuate the ship we jumped off and the ship glided a short distance then hung perfectly still upright in the air. This was my first time playing this mission so I’m not sure if this behavior is normal, though I anticipated an explosion. The game was fully installed for each of us.

I’m stuck as well in this part of the mission. This is the second bug that I found in this level, the first one was the “untracked build, won’t upload” message in the beginning of this level and then this. I only want to finish the story and H4 is the one left. I hope 343i can fix this.