Halo 4 Bugs, What Needs Adding/Improving!

This is what I come across that needs fixing!

  • Matchmaking slow
  • Random disconnections constantly on Halo 4 online (certain users)
  • Random lag even when winning
  • Spartan Ops movement is awful in certain matches where it just lags

What needs to added;

  • Swords playlist mode(like Halo 3)
  • Hammer playlist mode
  • All Halo 1, 2 & 3 maps revamped in HD & tweaked for certain playlist
  • Shotgun playlist mode
    Basically just shotgun war, includes scattershot!
  • Jet playlist mode
    Yeh boy! There needs to be a playlist mode for Jets only. Flying & shooting in the sky! You can even add Jet models, guns, decals etc and this should be added to your player profile :slight_smile:
  • Spartan vs Elite playlist mode
    Separate ranking system for elites and armour abilities
  • Spartan vs Knights playlist mode
    Separate ranking system for knights and armour abilities

What do you think guys?